XRW is a young company that was born in October 2005 in the Industrial Zone of Vila Verde, belongs to the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro and the district of Aveiro.




Develop and design high quality products and design excellence, combined with the best machining technology of aluminum and PHD. We seek to broaden our horizons through innovation and optimization, responding to the reason for our existence, our Customers.


• Quality and design excellence in the developed products;
• Perfectionism in what we create;
• Passion in what we do;
• Respect and honesty;
• Flexibility and agility;
• Learn every day.


We aspire to bring our Brand to Customers around the world, providing security and satisfaction by the use of our products.

Management Policy

• Position the company with prestige in the sector of QUAD, SSV and ATV, by the development of innovative protection solutions;

• Continuously develop the knowledge and skill level of all staff, ensure good working conditions and respect for the environment;

• Diversify product range to new segments of aluminum and PHD components;

• Strengthen the position of prestige and volume in the International Market;






XRW controls all process of design and construction of your equipment.
Adapting to each model is thoroughly studied with no margin for error.

During the process of manufacturing, aluminum undergoes various kinds of stress, especially in areas of bending and welding, which weaken the mechanical strength of the parts. For this reason, at the end of the production process, ALL XRW parts are subjected to heat treatment, commonly called hardening. (this is a high temperature treatment, which returns all the mechanical properties of the alloy, breaking stress and increasing the strength, durability and elasticity of the parts). This process of thermal stabilization and increased resistance of aluminum , is exactly the same as used in Automotive and Aeronautics Industries.

XRW is proud to be the only European company to use this process to manufacture metal parts accessories for ATV/Quad and Off-Road.


Known as the Brand of Champions, XRW is the choice of most of the Top riders at the European level.